Dying Jade Goody Pens 'Love Letter' to Her Boys

posted on 18 Mar 2009 19:59 by starworld

Originally posted Wednesday March 18, 2009 08:50 AM EDT

Jade Goody Photo by: Mark Readman / WENN
Dying Jade Goody Pens 'Love Letter' to Her Boys
Jade Goody's battle with cancer will not be forgotten. In fact, the months since her diagnosis last August will be described in detail in her autobiography.

Calling the book a "love letter" to her sons Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, Goody, 27, hopes that she will provide a legacy not only to them but also to women who might face the same battle with cancer.

Some of the proceeds from her book, Forever In My Heart, will go to the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care, which has been providing her with help at home, it was announced Wednesday.

The terminally-ill reality TV star's diary covers the day she discovered she was suffering from cervical cancer to when doctors revealed it had spread to her vital organs. It will also include flashbacks to her earlier life, and it will come up to date, including her wedding and recent christening.

Jade in Her Own Words

Publishers HarperCollins, which have world rights to the book due out in late spring, call the diary a "modern-day parable" which is set against the story of her difficult childhood and teens.

"This is Jade in her own words. It is impossible not to be moved by her heart-warming voice which comes through loud and clear on every page of this last diary," Belinda Budge, the managing director of Harper Nonfiction, said in a statement. "This emotional book tells a fascinating story of our time, a story of a woman who rose to fame as a controversial reality TV star and has now won admiration in the eyes of many for the fortitude with which she is facing terminal cancer."

Goody is currently at home in Essex, east of London, surrounded by close friends and family, as she faces her final days.